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Jake Lang first Jan 6er to push case up to Supreme Court!!

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FINALLY! The Jan 6ers head to the Supreme Court on the Obstruction of Congress 20 year felony charge! Article: One of the most promising developments in the search for justice for the January 6 patriots broke wide open today. Jake Lang, a January 6 defendant credited with saving 2 lives at the Capitol, who is detained for over 900 days now without a trial, & his legal team have officially filed the FIRST Supreme Court petition.

This SCOTUS filling, by Attorneys Steven Metcalf & Norm Pattis, combats the atrocious 1512 Obstruction of Congress 20 year max felony charge that has been used as a blanket political charge for hundreds of Jan 6 protestors, many of whom never even went inside the Capitol! Jake says that this motion before the Supreme Court is bigger than J6, and exposes the root of political persecution using a weaponized DOJ & FBI against conservatives.

“The 1512 charge the DOJ is using against me and hundreds of other Americans is the perfect example of the Biden Regime abusing the law code as an instrument of political oppression against MAGA dissentients.” “This is the true mark of the collapse of free speech and our Democratic Republic; when the current party in power perverts the law to coerce, threaten, silence, stifle and imprison the supporters of the former political party – in order to scare the public at large from any protesting or political dissent!”

Our well informed readers here might remember back to the completely biased & one sided January 6 Select committee’s final ruling, and notice how this is the EXACT overtly broad criminal charge the Congressional committee recommended the Department of Justice to charge President Trump with!

Therefore we can clearly see the stakes are extremely high for this Supreme Court battle – if the 1512 charge is overturned it could spring hundreds of January 6 defendants from prison & potentially save Trump in 2024 during election year from facing a biased DC Jury pool & serious prison time!

This epic SCOTUS certification was made possible from the generous donations made by our readers to the fully transparent January 6 Legal Fund, please make another much needed donation at J6Legal.org

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