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The conditions of solitary confinement in the The The conditions of solitary confinement in the Washington DC Gulag are simply not fit for human life. Us January 6 defendants have without question be subject to cruel and unusual punishment for years without reprieve! We have been forced to wither away in an environment that is disgusting & lacking in basic social, dietary, hygienic & religious needs. The long standing abuses we have suffered include:

1. Being locked in a prison cell for 23 or 22 hours a day for 6+ months, even some stretches of 2+ weeks only leaving the cell once every 3 days for a 10 minute shower. Clearly devastating to all social & mental health, inhumane at best! Even a dog gets walked outside once a day!

2.. Having to go 15 months without a haircut or shave, making us feel homeless, disgusting, without human dignity.

3. Not having in person visitation with our family for 16+ months, essentially holding us hostage from society in attempt to make us cave in to horrible plea deals. (9+ year plea deal in my case)

Still no video visitation in DC Jail for Jan 6ers only!

4. Denial of Bible study / worship service for all the January 6 Christians for 20+ months. Forced to read Gods word to each other through the vents in our cells on lockdown.

5. No outdoor recreation time for 6+ months, and many other stretches of months at a time. Denied sunlight & fresh air, worse than zoo animals.

7. Arbitrarily charged with institutional violations and brought to the basement of DC Jail on the ground floor, named ‘ The Hole’, separated from a all human connection, feed through a small slot in the door, handcuffed behind the back to go to the showers, vermin in cells including rats & many cockroaches, damp mildew smell and wet walls. Brought to an outdoor cage for recreation. Not contact with other humans. Bible study through slot in door with other suffering Christians for 20 minutes while you eat alone on floor of your cell. Not chair or desk, an empty room with a 1 inch mattress and old metal toilet.

I spent 6+ months in the hole. Gods grace was sufficient.

8. Various serious legal violations including no access to discovery, or video evidence against you, random raiding of the cells by prison guards where documents go missing, no legal library. Worst possible place to try and prepare an adequate defense for trial.

9. Forced coercion to taking COVID vaccine ( We were told, if you don’t take it, no family visitation, no religious rights, 14 quarantine solitary confinement every time you visit lawyer or go to court)
10. Beating & harassments by guards, including chemical weapon attacks by OC Spray. Military grade pepper spray that burns for hours, after they force you to shower naked in front of female guards to remove spray, spray oils leak down to genitals, immense pain & burning sensation. Its horrific. I was sprayed with nearly an entire can once by Srg. Robinson for displaying family photos & a Bible to another Jan 6er inside my own cell. I was assaulted by Corporal Taylor once for singing the National Anthem, thrown against the wall and punched in the gut to force me to stop singing.

11. Elongated pre trial detention for 950+ days without a trial.

12. Diesel therapy tactics – constantly moving Federal prisoners around to different facilities, unmooring them mentally & making them constantly readjust to new environment. Not allowing them to gather evidence for their defense, keeping their attorneys trying to navigate vastly different procedures for visiting & supplying evidence & legal documents too. New commissary extortion, new clothing basic hygiene, food. Moved to new prison, forced to quarantine, family unaware of your location or if you are safe. Unbelievable stress & pressure. Feeble attempt to break resolve & torture you into plea deal.

Feds unaware of Gods Holy Spirit given to those who suffer as Christ for righteousness sake.

13. Commissary & Phone call extortion racket. Average J6 family spends $1000 a month to keep their political prisoner clothed, feed, hygiene products, phone calls, & texting credits. Pre trial detainees being milked into poverty to bring destitution amongst their family. Many have young children & wives at home that have been brought to selling homes, repossessed cars, moving into apartments and even camping out in Washington DC to afford being able to attend their own soviet show trials. Please support the J6 Commissary Fund to help these families –> GiveSendGo.com/J6CommissaryFund

14. Extortion by Government forcing Jan 6 defendants to retain expensive federal attorneys. Most families entire life savings have been dumped into legal defense to try and save the lives of their Jan 6 political prisoners from the corrupt.

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