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J6 Political Prisoner Zachary Alams’ Defense Attorneys PROMISE to Put Ashli Babbit’s Murderer Officer Michael Byrd on Stand at September 5th Trial!

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A monumental January 6 trial is underway in Washington, DC. The September 5th trial of Zachary Alam can more accurately be described as the trial of Ashli Babbit’s murderer, Capitol Police Officer Michael Byrd. Zachary is a first-hand witness to Ashli’s shooting and has made up his mind that he MUST go to trial to expose the truth behind the brutal ambush that Officer Byrd committed that day.

His legal team styles his defense more of an offense, to force Michael Byrd onto the witness stand to call him to task on all of his actions that day. Zach’s brave stand to not cop out to a plea deal is truly a heroic act of truth and justice for Ashli Babbit.

The Gateway Pundit has now obtained an exclusive public statement from Zachary! This is his FIRST time speaking out since he was detained over 950 days ago.

Oddly, I know little about the woman who saved my life. Her name was Ashli Babbitt, a 34 year old Air Force veteran from San Diego, California. She had a brother. She had a mother and a loving husband. She was an independent person, and to the best of my knowledge, showed up to the Trump rally on January 6 by herself.

That afternoon, she was mercilessly shot trying to climb through a breach I had made, by bashing a window out of its frame. As soon as I knocked the frame out, I was already moving forward, when Ashli grabbed me by the backpack and swung at my face, knocking my glasses off. While I scrambled to catch my glasses, she squeezed past me and took a bullet that had my name on it.

God rest her soul, Ashli did not survive. In the video, she shouts “he’s got a gun” well before that fateful moment. Since I didn’t hear it over all the noise, she resorted to physical force to protect me. By knocking my glasses off my face, she effectively stopped me in my tracks, because I couldn’t see properly. Then, I heard a “pop,” but it didn’t register as danger until she fell on her back and I saw her face. Her eyes were glazed over. She laid there motionless, stunned, staring at the ceiling. Terrified, I backed up, not daring approach the breach.

Ashli’s sacrifice changed me. Before January 6, I was just a punk with no real direction. I would have died a nobody, if it wasn’t for Ashli. She gave me a chance to make something of myself. I cannot possibly describe the gratitude I feel towards Ashli and her immense bravery.

Growing up, I was expected to get good grades, go to college, secure a high-paying job, and live happily ever after. In 2014, I graduated from the University of Virginia, then continued on to medical school without skipping a beat. As a med student, I lasted only a few months before bucking.

At 23 years old, I started from scratch with no real world experience or street smarts. Through some foolish and immature mistakes – I was quickly devoured by the criminal justice system. In jail, I came across an incredibly rare opportunity. I was moved to a housing unit which doubled as a 16-week bible study program. It was rigorous and tantamount to a college course, complete with lecture speakers and homework assignments. Finally, I came to Christ, declaring Him my Lord and savior.

In 2018, I was released and, as a free man, relocated to Washington DC. I found purpose serving a booming tourism industry. From a beautiful hotel near the Convention Center, I sold tours of downtown Washington, guiding travelers to sights like Arlington Cemetery, the Jefferson Memorial, the Spy Museum, the Botanical Garden, the Capitol One Arena, Tyson’s Corner Mall, Old Town Alexandria, the Air and Space Museum, the White House, Ford’s Theater, and the Capitol building.

My newfound excitement did not last. COVID-19 emerged, bringing with it lockdowns amd mask mandates. Overnight, the thriving national mall became a ghost town. I lost my job at the hotel. People started looking at each other with fear and distrust. Homelessness intensified as businesses were closed and buildings were made inaccessible. My gym was forced to shut down. Suddenly, lines for grocery stores stretched around the block. National guard soldiers were stationed on street corners. Windows and ATMs were boarded up. Our society disintegrated before my very eyes. Just north of the White House, 16th St. NW was rebranded Black Lives Matter Plaza. Vendors swooped in, pushing masks. You had to wear a mask anywhere indoors or you were denied entry. Even outdoors wasn’t off limits. Outside of your personal residence, the only safe place was your vehicle. So I bought a truck. People want to know why I showed up to the Trump rally. It was because of the China Virus.

Ashli and I both saw through the scam that was COVID, and both showed up to protest the government overreach that came with it. While the government claims that I assaulted potentially six officers, it denies coincidentally murdering an unarmed woman. The government has slandered January 6 protesters as “terrorists” and “insurrectionists”, but fails to recognize the only gunshot that day was delivered by the government. Ludicrously, the government has identified the gunman, Michael Byrd, as a victim of assault in my case. He will be a witness at my trial beginning September 5. God bless you all & stay tuned.

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