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Help SAVE the life of Jan 6 Twitter Space host Phenomenology!!

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Its a very special opportunity when the January 6 community has the chance to give back to one of their most steadfast supporters. That’s exactly the opportunity we have today here at The Gateway Pundit – let’s help save the precious life of Razi Berry! In this weeks absolute tear jerker episode of Jake Lang’s Political Prisoner Podcast, he sits down with the bed ridden hero and beloved J6 Twitter Space host Phenomenology to discuss her battle with the extremely rare nerve degenerative disease Synucleinopathy.

This true story centers on our brave protagonist, Razi Berry, a single mother of two young daughters, whose perseverance beyond her immense pain and struggle becomes a living testimony to Gods grace. Through years of being misdiagnosed and undergoing countless tests, procedures, & expensive treatments – somehow Razi has powered through it all, and continued hosting her wildly popular Jan 6 Twitter Spaces!

Phenom, as Jake lovingly calls Razi, was the first person to arrive on the scene well over a year ago to give a voice on Twitter to the seemingly deserted Jan 6 prisoners. Razi has garnished a massive following of over 60,000 on her Twitter / X for her strong voice and unparalleled support of the Jan 6ers. In the ultimate sign of humility, most of her followers, including the J6 political prisoners – had no idea she was bed ridden and battling for her life!

You can donate to Razi at GiveSendGo.com/GBA5J

As soon as Jake found out she was courageously fighting this deadly disease; which attacks a vital protein molecule and causes the suffer to experience horrific multiple systems atrophy and pure autonomic failure, he sprung into action and demanded she tell her story on the Political Prisoner Podcast! Now its our turn to giveback to one of our fellow patriots and support Razi in her greatest time of need. Razi needs to raise $40,000 to start her new neurological regenerative treatments which include a newly developed German immunotherapy technique that has an amazing chance of saving her life.

So what do you say Gateway Pundit army? Let’s rally around the Jan 6 lioness for a comeback rally to save her life?! Please head over to GiveSendGo.com/GBA5J to make a contribution to her medical fund now. We have raised $7,000 so far and need just about $30,000 more to start this new life saving medical miracle!

Please visit –> GiveSendGo.com/GBA5J and help save Razi Berry’s life. God bless you!

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